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New: CD Reflected Covers Bonus Edition

The complete album Reflected Covers, plus five bonus tracks. The collection  contains among others variations on the two Deep Purple highlights When a Blind Man Cries and Child in Time.
Relax in front of a crackling chimney fire and listen to Lady Jane, one of four – like Miss You – specially arranged songs of the Rolling Stones


Comming soon:
CD Zeiten und Gezeiten Bonus Edition

 Das Original-Album plus fünf Bonus-Tracks.

The original album plus five bonus tracks.



Bücher & Musik / Books & Music

Romane und Kurzgeschichten in den Büchern von
Rudy Namtel und Jennifer Jones-Joyce,
Rock, Blues, Folk und deutsche Balladen
auf den Musikalben von Rudy Namtel Project.

Novels and Short Stories in the books written
by Rudy Namtel and Jennifer Jones-Joyce
- all - with one exception - only in German,
and Rock, Blues, Folk and Ballads
on the albums performed by Rudy Namtel Project
- mostly in English.

Bücher / Books